Destiny’s Music of the Spheres Finally Fully Leaked

Activision and composer Marty O’Donnell were on good terms once, but that was a while ago and it all fell apart in the end.  This happened after Music of the Spheres was fully recorded but before it was released, so what was supposed to be a musical companion to Destiny instead got shelved.  While this was… “unfortunate” is the most polite term for the situation, thankfully it didn’t happen until after 100 copies were distributed.  Marty McDonnell may not have had the authority to distribute it but, thanks to the joys of Twitter, he could certainly give his blessing to anyone who’d received Music of the Spheres to share it with the world.  After the November 30 message it was just a matter of time before someone set it loose to the world, and that happened today as a musical Christmas mini-miracle.  Music of the Spheres is available both on Soundcloud and Youtube, and while it’s probably only a couple of days at most before a copyright strike hits both, now that it’s out that genie isn’t going to be stuffed back into a bottle again.  Head on over to Music of the Spheres on Soundcloud for the best quality version, or just cue up the Youtube video below.  Either one will make your ears happy and improve your day immeasurably.

Music of the Spheres was composed by Martin O’Donnel, Michael Salvatori, and Sir Paul McCartney.  Header image credit goes to @OceanWave117.