Destruction AllStars Receives Miniature State of Play Showcase

The current ninth generation of game consoles is having a hard time taking off at the moment, partially because it’s almost impossible for the general public to actually get their hands on a PS5 or XSX, and partially because notable games for them are coming out at a slower pace. But tomorrow will see The Medium arrive for the XSX, followed by Destruction AllStars for the PS5 less than a week later on February 2. The latter suffered a delay from last year’s PS5 launch, but is now ready to arrive not just as a PS5 exclusive, but as a game free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. So with many PlayStation fans ready to pick it up and either dive into it immediately or save it until they finally get a PS5, PlayStation has released a little seven-and-a-half-minute State of Play special, with developer Lucid Games providing an in-depth look at what to expect in Destruction AllStars.

While we’ve seen a taste of the titular “AllStars” earlier, the new video shows just what they’re capable both in and out of the cars of with their unique abilities and vehicles, which come in three different types that spawn around the arenas. Racing around and crashing in these vehicles is the highlight, of course, but even on foot, the AllStars are capable of some sweet parkour maneuvers, and with a well-timed dodge, can even potentially take over another player’s car or wreck it. While creating carnage and earning points is the goal in the main Mayhem mode, players can also try something different and possibly trickier with the Carnado, Stockpile, and Gridfall games as well, which offer up a change of pace. There’s a also a single-player Challenge Series that offers up some backstory for each character and shows off their rivals via a series of unique challenges…though the fact that you only seem to unlock them with the premium “Destruction Points” currency (also used for skins, emotes, and more alongside regular currency) may be a mark against things.

Of course, being an online multiplayer action game, there’s still more to come for Destruction AllStars throughout the rest of the year, including new modes, new characters, and more. But for now, hopefully it still makes a good enough impact when Destruction AllStars launches on February 2, where it will be free to grab for those with PlayStation Plus until April 5.

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