Detroit: Become Human is Ready for Launch

Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream’s latest game, is ready for launch.

Quantic Dream has made a name for itself with it’s interactive drama’s. The company’s second outing, Heavy Rain, was particularly praised for its excellent visuals and tense moments. It was also the studio’s first title in partnership with Sony, a partnership that continued with Beyond: Two Souls and, now, Detroit: Become Human.

Detroit: Become Human follows three androids as they struggle to shape who they are. Kara finds sentience as she attempts to rescue a little girl; Connor hunts down deviant androids; and Markus devotes his life to rescuing androids from servitude. Players control each character’s fates as they make critical choices that shape their story. Whether they live or die is up to you.

Detroit: Become Human is out May 25 on PS4. Be sure to check out a few things you’ll want to know before the game launches.

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