Detroit: Become Human TV Spot Asks Fans How Far They’ll Go

Detroit: Become Human, Sony’s next big exclusive, is due out later this month, and its developers have been doing their best to ensure that gamers know exactly what they’re getting into . Detroit: Become Human is a game about androids, androids that appear to possess emotions and personalities of their own. Those androids also happen to be treated as products; as property to be owned by humankind. The pre-release media for the game up until this point has focused on how poorly treated these androids are and how little value is placed on their well-being. The game’s newest trailer takes a look at the result of that treatment (or at least one possible result), and asks the viewer how far they’re willing to go to see these androids freed.

Detroit: Become Human puts players in the shoes of three different androids facing different sets of trying circumstances. From what’s been shown so far, Detroit will challenge players with difficult questions ask them to deal with many shades of grey. It’s always risky when a narrative-focused game does this, as failure to handle such themes well can often lead to disastrous results. Hopefully Detroit: Become Human will be successful in its attempt to navigate them.

Detroit: Become Human launches exclusively for PS4 on May 25.