Devolver Digital and Acid Nerve To Knock On Death’s Door

Last year, to make up for the lack of physical conventions and exhibitions, Devolver Digital gave us Devolverland Expo, a virtual first-person showcase of their upcoming games. For those dedicated enough to find all of the collectibles in it, though, the game would end with a teaser of three images from still-unannounced games. At today’s ID@Xbox Twitch Gaming Showcase, however, we finally got to see the first of these games in action: Death’s Door. Developers Acid Nerve are once again teaming up with Devolver, and the end result seems to have ended up being a huge highlight of the show.

Set in a world where the reaping of the dead is handled by the Crows, the game sees you playing as an employee stuck in the monotonous routine of punching a clock, reporting to work, and harvesting souls. One day, though, an assigned soul gets stolen, and it’s up to you to retrieve it from a realm where no one ever dies of natural causes anymore. And as as seen in the trailer below, this world is now inhabited by a ton of corrupted monsters you’ll have to deal with. Much like their previous game Titan Souls, expect Acid Nerve to serve up another helping of intense top-down action complete with massive bosses and more when Death’s Door arrives for the XSX, XB1, and PC this Summer.