Devolver Digital to Release Puzzle-Action Game Umiro on March 29

While most likely known for the likes of over-the-top action games such as Hotline Miami, Strafe, and Broforce, to name but a few examples, Devolver Digital has been known to cover a variety of different genres and platforms. Hence their latest game, an puzzle-action hybrid from Singapore-based developers Diceroll Studios. The colorful top-down game is due out at the end of this March for mobile devices and Steam, and as seen in the trailer below, looks to hopefully be a rather colorful and enjoyable game indeed.

Starring two schoolmates named Huey and Satura who initially find themselves awakening in the titular world of Umiro with no memories, the two set out on a journey through a series of labyrinths in order to solve the mystery of who they really are, as well as bring color back to the land along the way (if their names didn’t hint at such a plot already). This will be done with a unique drawing mechanic, designed to allow players to plan out all of our characters’ moves.  Umiro will be due out on iOS, Android, and PC on March 29, and aims to charm you with its vibrant world then.