Different Cloth’s Drive!Drive!Drive! Available This December

We’ve already had one very entertaining top-down style racer recently, so why not double that amount with another that aims to put a unique spin on track racing. Developer Different Cloth’s Drive!Drive!Drive! is part racer, part management simulator as players are tasked with completing not one, but three separate races taking place at the same time. The aim is to switch between the three on the fly in order to get the highest finishing place on all three tracks — some of which even go as far as to collide with one another meaning a certain degree of skill, let alone strategy, is required here.

Don’t worry about other competitors in the race as to leviate some of the difficulty, the other AI racers are, in the developers own words, “disastrously bad” at driving with you, the player, the only one on track capable of performing rather well. That is unless this is your first racing title ever. The game will also feature a track editor mode which allows you to custom make your own triad of tracks. Drive!Drive!Drive! will be available on both PS4 & PC and will release next month, December 13. Check out the game’s official announcement trailer below.