Dodgeball Academia Takes Aim Later This Year

Knockout City’s dodgeball action may have made for a surprise hit this year, but do you know what would be an even bigger surprise? A second potential hit dodgeball game due out later this year as well. And that’s where Dodgeball Academia comes in, courtesy of Humble Games and developer Pocket Trap and revealed during today’s PC Gaming Show. The main difference between the two is that instead of a more arcade-style arena battler, this is an action/sports RPG title that follows the story of Otto, a rookie who just joined up at a school where dodgeball is…well, everything. And now to become the best dodgeball champion, he’ll have to train and build up the perfect dodgeball team via customizable party progression system, all while exploring the school and learning about all of its secrets. Dodgeball Academia is coming out later in 2021 for all major platforms, but if you can’t wait, a demo will appear during Steam Next Fest from June 16 to June 22.