DOOM 3 VR Edition Launches Today, Mars’ Dark Hallways Become All Too Real

Fans of the DOOM series’ third entry can now experience the excessively dark spaces of the UAC’s Mars facility in a brand-new way with the launch of DOOM 3 VR Edition for PSVR. While likely not as smooth an experience as a game made from the ground up with VR in mind, DOOM 3 VR  Edition still offers most of the VR enhancements one would expect of a modern VR experience. It features head-tracking so players can peer around corners;  it has a 180-degree quick-turn to allow for greater maneuver ability, and it features full AIM controller support which enables more precise shooting. All of this can be seen in action in the newly-released launch trailer.

DOOM 3 VR Edition is available now for PSVR. Be sure to check out our review for DOOM VFR to learn more about how the last VR DOOM game turned out.