DoomRL Gets New Name and Goes Open Source, Jupiter Hell Soldiers On

Zenimax is known for being a bit litigious, even going to far as to sue Mojang for the game Scrolls due to a claim of potential confusion with The Elder Scrolls.  Last week the game DoomRL felt Zenimax’s wrath, most likely due to the remake of Jupiter Hell currently funding on Kickstarter.  While the game and its logo were clearly taken from the Doom series, it was a very different beast in that it’s a top-down turn-based roguelike based on Doom, rather than a first-person game.  Still, there’s no question that it was trading on another company’s name, so this week it got a re-name and even went open source.  DoomRL is now DRL, and if its logo looks a little familiar that’s probably some kind of coincidence hopefully not enough to cause too many problems.  At the game’s web site all mention of DoomRL is scrubbed back to at least 2009 (the archives go back a looooong way), replaced with the new DRL name, and the source code is available at github if you want to poke around its innards.  For something newer and meatier, though, head over to the Kickstarter page for Jupiter Hell to see what an all-new game that’s got nothing to do with anyone else’s IP looks like.  It’s dark, mean, and pretty.