Double Kick Heroes Takes a Heavy Metal Drive to Early Access

Being good requires practice, and sometimes that practice involves locking the entire band in a warehouse for two solid weeks of concentrated heavy metal jamming.  The problem isn’t the lost time, lack of sunlight, access to a shower, or being driven slowly insane by one’s bandmates, but rather the complete lack of news means there’s no way of knowing the zombie apocalypse finally hit.  When the band came out of self-imposed seclusion it was awfully quiet for all of a minute before things went south, but their driver grabbed the Gundillac and everyone piled in.  Taking off at full speed being pursued by zombies isn’t the best situation to be in but the band has the power of metal backing it up, and that means the undead might want to look for a different set of brains to feast on.

Double Kick Heroes is a music rhythm game where the band (which really could use a name) races away from a zombie horde playing for all their worth on a 30-track list of metal songs, and you get to control the drummer as each kick of the pedal fires the Gundillac’s guns.  Like the best metal bands they’ve got a dual-pedal setup, with one firing the top gun and the other the bottom.  The notes don’t care which gun you fire so long as it’s done to the beat, but keeping half an eye on the pursuers means you can better target the zombies that are getting too close.  If for some reason you don’t like the metal soundtrack, however, there’s an editor available so you can import country/western, opera, Gregorian chanting, or any other type of music you can tap a beat to.

Double Kick Heroes launched on Steam’s Early Access today and with the release comes the inevitable new trailer.  Check it out below, and then maybe give Steam a visit to see what else the game has to offer.