Dragon Quest Heroes II Shows Off its Delightful Cast of Characters

More Dragon Quest Heroes II content, and this time it’s focused on three heroes in particular — showing off Lazarel, Teresa and goofy-as-ever Healix.

While all three characters have been seen previously, and even named in other trailers, having a bit of focus is always appreciated. Hopefully, they will keep releasing character trailers (á la Mass Effect). Lazarel fits his role as a Swashbuckling Squire with his cocky attitude and fiery personality. Teresa matches suite being the Scholarly Squire which is nice cause she can keep ol’ boy in check. Together they make a great pair, kicking all sorts of monster-butt. Of course, this isn’t a duo because ridiculously goofy Healix is tagging along for the ride, but hey, every group needs a healer.

To see this rowdy bunch in action, check out the trailer below: