Dragon’s Crown Pro Re-Introduces Cast with New Characters Trailer

The original Dragon’s Crown was a dungeon-crawling beat-em-up known for its highly detailed art and cast of exaggerated fantasy characters. From the Dwarf to the Amazon, each playable character is difficult to forget once one has laid eyes on them. With Dragon’s Crown Pro launching in a couple of months though, Atlus wants fans to remember more than just the characters’ looks. The game’s newest trailer, released today, addresses that concern.

Each member of Dragon’s Crown Pro’s playable roster is on full display here. The Amazon lives up to her name as a brutal, all-out, attacker. The Elf dances around the battlefield loosing arrows hither and thither. The Dwarf pulls out every trick in the book, and the rest make sure to build a strong case for themselves. The original Dragon’s Crown was a strong side-scrolling brawler back when it first launched on the PS3, and there’s no reason to think that Dragon’s Crown Pro, its PS4 port, won’t play just as well.


Dragon’s Crown Pro launches for PS4 both physically and digitally on May 15.