DriveClub Release Date Announced, New Trailer Released

DriveClub was, at some point, the most anticipated PlayStation 4 game. We’ve written about it a lot, too. While the excitement has since dwindled to a mere putter, it’s time to ignite those feels and tremors once more.¬†Shuhei Yoshida, Sony head-honcho has announced that DriveClub will be hitting the world full-force October 7, 2014 in North America, and October 8 in Europe.

By the time DriveClub releases, it’ll have been delayed by about a year. According to a representative at¬†Evolution Studios, the push was all for the best. Players will now have a better experience, as well as more bang for their buck. DriveClub will be available exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Below is the latest trailer, showcasing just how much prettier DriveClub has become.