Dusk Falling on Early Access in a Few Short Hours

Dusk is coming and the light is getting dim.  As brightness fades from the day and the terrors of the night start moving there are only two viable options for survival- hide, or grab the biggest weapons you can find and light up the dark with sustained gunfire.  To be fair to those choosing the first option, you can rack up an impressive gameplay timer with no loss of health by just standing around not moving, but it seems like a lost opportunity when there are so many weapons just waiting to be fired into the evils roaming the countryside.

Dusk is a 90s-style FPS that’s been available through pre-order until recently, and as of midnight EST tonight it’s landing on Early Access.  Episode 1 has been available for a while with Episode 2 dropping over the holidays, and the Early Access release is adding the multiplayer beta of DUSKWorld so you can gib your friends into a chunky red mist.  The single-player story sees you waking up hanging from meat hooks, surrounded by low-poly cultists armed with chainsaws, and things don’t get friendlier from there.  The levels are non-linear, filled with secrets, more than happy to pop open a monster closet when you grab a colored key card, and littered with enough ammo that you can tear through them at top speed blasting everything in your  path.

The current plan for Early Access is to only hang around a short while, maybe a couple of months, while the concluding Episode 3, a third Endless Arena, and tweaks based on player feedback all get integrated into the game.  It’s a fantastic ride and I’ve been having a great time with it, tracking down secrets while dealing with the cultists and monsters roaming the wide open levels and cramped corridors of Dusk.