Dusk Misses 2017, Hitting Early Access in January

A good plan is a lovely thing, and even better on the rare occasion when it works.  Dusk was supposed to be out by the end of 2017 but, with five days left in the year at the time of this writing, it’s pretty obvious that’s not happening.  Any good plan has flexibility baked right in, though, so the release has been successfully modified to get as much of the game as possible into players’ hands as quickly as possible.  Dusk is hitting Early Access on January 11, and it comes complete with Episode 1 (which has been done since at least the August preview, if not earlier), Episode 2, the online multiplayer of Duskworld, and a pair of Endless arenas.  The initial plan as detailed in the Early Access announcement was to have the game ready a few months after pre-orders went live back in August, but the reality of every game ever made is that it takes longer than expected.  If you’re one of the ones who reserved Dusk, however, you’ve just gotten a free upgrade to the Collector’s Edition to make up for the wait, which includes the soundtrack and a 40-page digital comic.  Also, if you happen to already have the game (there are a few thousand out there) it just got Episode 2 added today.

Dusk is a fast-action 90s-throwback FPS that gets every aspect of that era near-perfect, including non-linear levels that are as much fun to shoot through as they are to explore, especially with the secrets scattered nearly everywhere.  It’s a violent, bloody, fast-paced, low-res and low-poly blast-fest, which really is the best kind of FPS.  Check out the old trailer below to see it in motion.