Dying Light Free Content Drop #1 Out Now

For fans of the zombie-survival-parkour game Dying Light, news came back in July that the game would be receiving a number of content drops over the next twelve months. The first has arrived.

Content Drop #1 AKA “Lethal Inventions” is out today and brings along a few zombie bashing goodies for the price of free. With three weapons that look more like they belong in Destiny than a zombie game, Dying Light is showing that it’s an old dog that can learn new tricks.

For Lethal Inventions, players must complete three special bounties that will unlock these brutal new weapons, whether taking apart zombies with the dismembering Fenris Axe, the Kuai Dagger perfect for any parkour situation or the head exploding Last Wish Revolver all of them look like a bundle of fun.

One final addition is the “Ye Old Trusty Wrench” available later this week through Techland Gamly a digital distribution platform launched earlier in the year.

Seasoned zombie killing pros or new comers will have plenty to look forward to over the next few months with eight free updates still on the way. Techland is eager to hear from players and fans of Dying Light for any ideas or suggestions on future updates.

See these weapons in action in the video below: