Dying Light Never Dies with Ten DLCs on the Way

Dying Light might have come and gone for most three years ago, but the game is still going strong, seeing 500,000 players each week. That’s just 200,000 short of when the game launched. With such a dedicated community, Techland continues to deliver, with the most recently announced CARnage 2.0.

“Collectively blow up, burn and electrify 2 million zombies using beefed up buggies with enhanced Electric Cage, Mines and Flamethrower to unlock a set of bounty skins – containing all skins from previous bounties.”

The body count looks high, but the city of Harran has more than enough zombies to mangle, decapitate or whatever works best. Techland has announced over the next twelve months that Dying Light will receive ten DLC drops including new enemies, in-game events, mysteries and the like. All of this sounds like all the reason to get back to the zombie infested streets of a city long gone.

Check out all the information in the video below and track that zombie body count here: