Dying Light Platinum Edition Brings the Harran Strain to Switch Today

Dying Light has finally made the journey to the Switch, and it’s brought everything available on the other platforms plus some extra goodies with it. For starters, fans who pick up Dying Light Platinum Edition will be getting all of the intrepid Kyle Crane’s adventures as part of the package. This includes: the basic game, The Following expansion, The Bozark Horde, the Ultimate Survivor Bundle, the dark fantasy-oriented Hellraid mode, two additional quarantine zones via the Cuisine & Cargo pack and a large selection of additional skins and weapons.

Dying Light Platinum Edition is also throwing in some Switch-exclusive extras into the deal. Those who choose to play on Nintendo’s hybrid console will be able to enjoy touchscreen support, HD Rumble features, gyro aiming, motion controls, local co-op and online multiplayer. Dying Light was a decent zombie experience when it first-launched back in 2015, so this will likely be a fair deal for zombie enthusiasts who haven’t yet had the chance to explore Harran.