Dying Light Undying Love Event Goes Live Today

For the third year in a row Dying Light will be celebrating Valentine’s Day the only way it knows how, with the Undying Love event, where two players can slay zombies together, not that it wasn’t possible already in Dying Light.

Undying Love will see players take place in the Undying Love community bounty where players will have to slay their way, together, through hordes of zombies completing the community event. The event brings with it prizes that any lover of zombie killing can get behind such as the exclusive Valentine’s Day Crossbow and Paint Job for the Buggy.

The Undying Love event will run from February 13 -18, better get out and get killing while the loot is good. Dying Light Enhanced Edition is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One so get out there and celebrate with that special someone by slaying ludicrous amounts of undead.