E3 2016: First Teaser Revealed for The Walking Dead Season Three

So details surrounding Telltale’s new Batman game may have broke this morning, but as was expected, that wasn’t the only surprise they had in store. Indeed, Telltale Games later showed off the first teaser for Season Three of their definitive episodic game series The Walking Dead, set to begin later this year.

Compared to Batman, though, we don’t have a lot of details to initially go on, but between the first teaser (seen below) and what Telltale revealed is that series regular Clementine, now approaching teenage years, will again be the star, taking out a walker with an Javier, a new character you also get to control. Mind you, without giving away any spoilers, Clementine’s mere existence here raises several questions about the ending of Season Two and how it will be handled, although a time skip does conveniently explain things. The dialogue about both the walker and our male sidekick both being marked raises some possibly intriguing story options as well, so we’ll just have to wait and see how things play out. As usual, we’ll keep you updated on any further details about The Walking Dead Season Three as they surface.