E3 2016: Sea of Thieves Gameplay Officially Unveiled

During Microsoft’s E3 2016 Briefing, the console manufacturer and game publisher revealed some new footage from Rare’s upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive, Sea of Thieves.

Compared to last year’s notably jovial footage, this year’s content felt considerably darker, which could indicate that this is a much more narratively robust title than we initially anticipated. Sea of Thieves is alleged to be Rare’s biggest and robust game to date, as the heralded developer has never developed a loot-based MMO before.

Three weeks ago, Rare invited a number of players to play an early build of Sea of Thieves, which was shown off during Microsoft’s press conference. Through this footage we learned that Sea of Thieves is a first-person title, which hadn’t been made abundantly clear before.

Microsoft and Rare also announced that Sea of Thieves would be an Xbox Play Anywhere title, meaning that it supports full cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Unfortunately no release date has been announced, indicating that Sea of Thieves is going to be a mid-to-late 2017 title at the earliest.