E3 2017: See a Little More of Evil Within 2

Set in Union, The Evil Within 2 wants to ensure players are never comfortable. Sprawling them into more claustrophobic environments, then hopping out to less linear zones to make them discover the horrors themselves, Evil Within 2 wants to make sure people have freedom but also live in scarcity. Playing as Detective Sebastian Castellanos, people follow and guide as he unravels the crisis he only thinks he sees but might actually be living, while also searching for his daughter. As survival horror fans may be accustomed to: it’s all about that mental instability. Nevertheless, here’s hoping it keeps people interested and engaged enough to make all the scares and the action well worth the pay-off.

See a peek at extended gameplay for The Evil Within 2 below. The Evil Within 2 is headed out on (guess which weekday it is) October 13, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.