E3 2018: Forza Horizon 4 Unveiled, Set in the UK

It’s the turn of the Horizon half of Microsoft’s annual Forza series to be shown off this year and following the universal acclaim Horizon 3 received in 2016, needless to say the interest in what’s next is unusually higher than normal. Speculations and rumors about the game’s new setting ranging from London to Hong Kong.

And it looks like the game’s flashy, 4K trailer has confirmed that the game will be set in neither location, but instead will take players to the more rural reaches of Britain. The game will run at 60FPS on Xbox One X, however Microsoft didn’t state what frame-rate or resolution base model Xbox One’s will have the game running at. Forza Horizon 4 will release for Xbox One and PC via Windows 10 on October 2. What’s more, the game will be featured among Xbox’s recently-released Game Pass service the same day. Check out the game’s 4K trailer below.