Eastward Finally Gets a Release Date

Look, going into today’s Indie World presentation, we know several people out there were hoping that that it would finally deliver a release window for Hollow Knight: Silksong, maybe saving it for the “one more thing.” But keep in mind that there are also a ton of other much-anticipated indie games that have been in the works for even longer than Silksong, and it would be nice to see release news for them as well. Case in point, Eastward, the post-apocalyptic adventure RPG from Chucklefish and developer Pixpil. The retro-styled game has been in the works since 2015 and has been impressing us for a while now, and has kept us wondering when a release date would finally appear, especially after its announcement for the Switch (and eventual delay). Well, it looks like Eastward was Indie World’s “one more thing” this time around, where they finally revealed the date, and it looks like we only have just over a month to go.

Set in a version of the future where a toxic presence is gradually destroying the world and causing humanity’s population to dip to an all-time low, Eastward follows John and Sam, an odd duo composed of an older man and a young girl trying to escape a twisted subterranean world and head to the land above, coming a cross a cast of colorful characters and equally colorful locations along the way, And this extends to our protagonists, because if the release date trailer below is any indication, Sam’s history might be a wee bit more complex than expected. Not to mention that the clip also showcases some of the various dangers the two will encounter towards the end, but even those seem seem rather colorful, and lead into¬† what look like some nice action-filled encounters.

And so after a long wait, Eastward will finally arrive for the PC and Switch on September 16, and you can pre-order it now. It was also revealed that it’s going to be a timed console exclusive for the Switch, which given the look and feel of the game, feels kind of appropriate.