Eddie Thrashes Pinball in Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Launch Trailer

Given enough time Iron Maiden will show up on everything, and now it’s pinball’s turn to get stomped under Eddie’s heavy metal tread.  Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast was officially announced back in March and now it’s starting to head out into the world, which means it’s time to show off some gameplay.  Stern helpfully provides this with a new trailer demonstrating the features of the new table with some pretty sweet shots just to make it look good.  Nailing all three drop targets at the 0:13 mark is just showing off, and the triple-orbit using the side flipper at 0:19 is one of those moments that always leaves you feeling like a clockwork machine when you can find the rhythm.  It’s a great-looking table that with fantastic art and what promises to be an energetic layout, all backed up to licensed Iron Maiden music.  Check it out below and keep an eye out locally for one to show up soon.

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