Edge of Nowhere Receives a Launch Trailer

While the Oculus Rift made a big splash when it was released, it does feel like there’s been kind of a gap in between major game releases for it, with The Climb and ADR1FT seemingly being the last ones to get any notable attention. But all that should hopefully change on June 6, when Insomniac Games releases their Oculus-exclusive third-person action-adventure game Edge of Nowhere, which just received a launch trailer today that you can check out below.

Set in Antarctica, Edge of Nowhere sees you controlling Victor Howard, a man searching for his fiancĂ©e Ava, who was part of a lost expedition. The treacherous weather and mountains shall be a challenge for both him and you, as well as, you know, the otherwordly Lovecraftian horrors trying to rip you apart as things descend into sheer madness, but you know, that’s expected with these expeditions and whatnot. The new trailer gives us a bigger glimpse into the game’s story, just in time before it hits the Oculus Store. So can the Oculus Rift pull off a third-person horror game like this? Insomniac just may be talented enough to do so, and we’ll find out come June 6.