Enlisted Open Beta Now Available

Emerge victorious in battle against enemy forces in this MMO squad based shooter set during World War II. Enlisted is set during one of history’s most decisive moments. Players can try out the game right now during open beta testing and serve on the front lines.

With its gritty feel and accurate depictions, this game has you commanding boots-on-the-ground troops, heavy duty tank crew or aerial combat piloting. You play as a single soldier as AI controls the rest of the infantry, but you can switch between each one for more tactical decisions. Members of the group specialize in various aspects of combat and can be outfitted with new items, weapons and skills. Go through campaigns or team up with other players.

Open beta is available now for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC with default cross play. Check out details for joining on the official website and view the trailer below to see more action.