Escape Dead Island Game Announced, will Bridge Dead Island 1&2

Sony made a surprise announcement Tuesday morning, offering up the reveal trailer for Deep Silver’s upcoming game “Escape Dead Island,” coming later this year to the PS3.

The game is a “survival-mystery” title, according to Sony’s release, aimed at bridging the gap in story between Dead Island and Dead Island 2, which also reveals that there will be a gap between Dead Island and Dead Island 2. Sony’s decision to go with a PS3 release only (which, for now, seems platform-exclusive) could also be an effort to attract more people to Dead Island 2 who only played the first title on the last-generation console.

You play as Cliff Calo, a man set on filming a documentary about the outbreak on Banoi, but of course things go wrong. The real asterisk this game brings is that it appears nothing like the first-person shoot/hack-em up adventure titles that share its name. The art style is minimal and comic-book-inspired, according to the release, which could also have influenced the PS3-only decision.

It’s reminiscent of the comic book released before Arkham City to connect it with Arkham Asylum, so it’s not entirely out of the question, but Rocksteady didn’t turn it into an adventure game. This seems like a pickup for those dedicated to the series who want to find out more about the story. Once actual gameplay footage is released, we will know more.

Watch the trailer here:

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