EVE Online Now Has Free-to-Play Option Via Update

Often identified as the MMO game equivalent of spreadsheets, EVE Online has been home to some of the most stellar player-driven drama in any video game in history. EVE Online has seen players come together in giant battles, creating in-game corporations with other players, massive player alliances, espionage, player-on-player assassinations, and more. This is the kind of online game where a person could earn people’s respect by meaningfully and memorably talking to other players for in-game currency as a middle-man or negotiator. Some would argue the best parts about EVE Online are all the big set pieces one may find in a deep, engaging sci-fi space opera… but orchestrated by players. While the amount of thought, planning, and commitment it may take to get the most out of the game don’t quite make EVE Online as actively fun and approachable as other MMOs, there isn’t anything else quite like it. To do justice to what has maintained EVE Online to this day, running on a subscription fee since 2003, and why it is a special and unique game will take this too off-topic. Basically, EVE Online now has a free-to-play option thanks to its latest November update: Ascension.

With EVE Online: Ascension, publicly-available cloning has made its way to the game in the form of free-to-play players and subscribers. These Clone States include Alpha Clones, who don’t pay a subscription, and Omega Clones who do. People who play for free are Alphas and they will have access to limited skill sets and training. That said, they are designed to be able to participate in all the most popular activities in EVE unhindered. Meanwhile, Omegas will be just like previous subscription-paying users – full access to skills and training at $15 a month. In light of this, new players are treated to a tutorial of sorts in EVE’s new Inception experience. This will take newer players through the game’s UI with a new storyline full of new locations, guided by voiced mentors.

See the old announcement video from August for the Clone States below. EVE Online is on PC via Steam.