Exclusive Unboxing of Signature Edition Games’ Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Signature Edition Games is a small-press publisher that makes both standard and fancy editions of its titles.  The regular versions come out at retail under the label of the parent company, Merge Games, while the Signature Edition versions are only available online.  They cost a little bit more than the normal editions but come with more goodies, and the entire package sits midway between the super fancy deluxe/collector’s boxes and a plain standard one.  The “Signature Edition” of the company name comes from the digital developer signatures on the box cover art, but each game comes with extras like a coin, artbook, and other bonuses.  The entire product ends up feeling politely swanky without going all the way over to ostentatious.

Hardcore Gamer has recently teamed up with Signature Edition Games as its exclusive unboxing partner and we’re kicking off the series with the pleasantly low-key adventure Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles.  The unboxing isn’t about the game itself (which I honestly enjoyed quite a bit) but rather the contents of the packaging, and while this is an official team-up, it’s not an ad.  Things that aren’t there will get mentioned just like the bits that are, but honestly I was happy with what I found inside.

If you like what you see we’re also running a giveaway with each game we unbox, with five lucky entrants getting a brand new copy to call their own. Simply comment below with what game you would most like to get the Signature Edition Games treatment.

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