Exdeath Returns to Dissidia Final Fantasy

Square Enix and Team Ninja are bringing Exdeath back into the Dissidia Final Fantasy franchise.

Dissidia Final Fantasy, which has been playable in Japanese arcades since November 2015, is still missing quite a few characters. Characters that were playable in both PSP titles remain missing from the experience, but are slowly being added in. The latest update brings Exdeath, the main antagonist of Final Fantasy V.

Exdeath first appeared in the original Dissidia Final Fantasy game opposite of Bartz Klauser. He was well-known for being one of the more difficult enemies to fight in the PSP original thanks to his heavy reliance on counterattacks and teleportation. Exdeath is the fifth villain to return to the franchise after missing out on the initial launch. We’re still waiting to see when Ultimecia, Golbez, Cloud of Darkness, Jecht, Gabranth, and Gilgamesh will return to the cast. On top of this, there are still a multitude of heroes, like Yuna and Tifa, who have yet to rejoin the cast.

Most importantly, however, is that we still don’t have a release date on consoles. Dissidia Final Fantasy’s arcade exclusivity expired a year after release, yet we have heard nothing about a potential PS4 release. Hopefully, we’re building up to an announcement.