Experience a Closer Look at Sonic Frontiers with the Latest Overview Trailer

Fans of Sonic and on-lookers alike have been anticipating the upcoming release of Sonic Frontiers as it’s not quite like any title in the franchise we’ve ever seen before. Although it certainly started off to a bizarre rocky start, Frontiers has ricocheted back into offering tons of enjoyable looking footage that gets even the biggest naysayers a little bit interested. This new overview trailer showcases the Starfall Islands Sonic will be exploring in addition to taking down bosses to gain keys for new Cyber Space Portals that will take him to alternate areas where he’ll need to race through more traditional looking Sonic stages. If Sonic’s lucky his journey to find Chaos Emeralds and rescue his friends will be one that won’t soon be forgotten, as there’s a lot that awaits him on one of his most ambitious adventures yet.

Sonic Frontiers launches on November 8 for all current platforms. Check out the brand new overview trailer before:

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