Experience Awkward ’90s Internet With a Twist in Hypnospace Outlaw

Do you remember the days of websites filled with crude pixelated GIFs, virtual pets, and Y2K paranoia? Well, Dropsy developers Tendershoot sure do. they’ve channeled all of the online cheese from that era into Hypnospace Outlaw, a new adventure game where you surf the net as you sleep. And nearly two years after its initial Kickstarter campaign, No More Robots has announced that they’ll be helping to publish the game, as seen in the insanity below that is the announcement trailer.

Described as Geocities: The Game, you play as a Hypnospace Enforcer in an alternate 1999, tasked with exploring a variety of bizarre websites in order to keep the internet clear of wrongdoers, all while generally goofing off in several different ways in the meantime. Aside from the game itself perfectly parodying the internet in the ’90s, an official Discord server for the game also invites players to create their own webpages inside of it, to get into the spirit. Hypnospace Outlaw looks like quite a trippy bit of nostalgia, and we’ll see more of it when it hits PC later this year.