Experience the Warped World of GRIME on August 2

Has the recent demo of GRIME and our equally recent preview of it piqued your interest in this surreal metroidvania game about body horror? If so, then good news, as you won’t have to wait too long to check out the game in full. An August 2 release date has been announced for the game, courtesy of the new trailer below, which also shows off even more of of the bizarre world that you can expect in this adventure.

Boasting over fifteen hours of content, a variety of “living” weapons to wield, a menagerie of massive bosses, and several twisted, organic landscapes to traverse, among other things that you can glimpse in the latest clip, the journey of our black hole-headed hero should hopefully be a rather filling and enjoyable one. GRIME comes courtesy of Akupara Games and developers Clover Bite, and will initially be arriving for PC and Stadia.