Exploiting Different Dimensions in Unbound: World Apart Launch Trailer

There wouldn’t be a lot of point warping between worlds if they were too similar.  A giant beast in one dimension being a slightly different giant beast in another is still going to be every bit as capable of trampling a portal-hopping mage flat, so it’s important to make sure that the next world over is actually useful.  Unbound: Worlds Apart’s young mage Soli is pretty good at ending up in useful alternate dimensions, even if it’s only for a short while due to the nature of the portal he creates.  It’s Soli’s one major tool for survival in his platforming adventure, and figuring out how to use the extra platforms or missing barriers in one world will make traversing the other much easier.

Unbound: Worlds Apart is a hand-painted 2D Metroidvania whose peaceful land was torn apart when a sealed evil broke free, and now Soli is stuck being the one to purge it from all the areas it corrupted.  Soli’s main ability is opening up a portal to a near-identical realm with him at the center of a fairly large circle, a new dimension inside while the normal one stays outside the portal’s radius.  Usually the circle is stationary, with Soli running past the boundary fairly quickly, but different areas of the caverns have different rules governing how the dimensional travel works.  An early area has the portal growing to its maximum size when Soli stands still and rapidly shrinks when he moves as it travels along with him, while another area also has the portal move with Soli but gravity is reversed inside, perfect for running along the ceiling while avoiding the floor spikes.  The bulk of Unbound: Worlds Apart’s challenges are platform-oriented, with nothing in the way of weapons aside from clever usage of environmental hazards.

Unbound: Worlds Apart released today and with it comes the traditional launch-day trailer.  It’s a clever and beautifully-illustrated adventure that’s well worth a second look.  Give the trailer a watch to see its dimension-rifting platforming action come to hand-animated life.

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