Explore the Shanty Seas in Hidden Fortune Chapter Two

Earlier this year, VR gamers could immerse themselves in the world of Hidden Fortune. There, they would explore a cavernous location filled with magic and puzzles. Now, the second chapter of the game is available and has a bit more action packed into it!

Instead of being holed up in a cave, you’ll be able to breathe in salty air as you explore an island and ships. There are still musical switches to activate and spells to cast. However, players have quests to complete, treasures to find and can even do a bit of fishing. New wands will be used as you explore such a mysterious isle.

Check out the launch trailer below of chapter two and download it now for your Gear VR device. If you already own the previous chapter, this will be free to own. Although, if you purchase this one instead, you’ll receive the first for free. It’s a win-win all around!