Fall Guys Plunges Into Its Season 3.5 Update Today

Mediatonic dropped even more content into Fall Guys’ third season today via a mid-season update. Upon downloading it, fans will find themselves treated to new costumes, new features, new remixes, bug fixes and more. Indeed it seems the developers have been quite busy these past couple of weeks, and now players can run their jellybeans through all the results. Check out the video below for a taste of what’s been added.

Out of everything added with the launch of Fall Guys season 3.5, the most exciting is probably the new “Snowball Survival” round. In this survival free-for-all round, players must compete to outlast all others as they’re bombarded by giant snowballs on all sides.

Beyond this, over forty new remixes have been added for existing rounds; new round playlists can be selected; Untitled Goose Game and Sonic-themed costumes are returning to the store, and a new “Fall Feed” feature has been implemented to help players keep track of  both buddies and rivals alike.

Fall Guys may not get the same kind attention it did during its launch window, but it’s still going strong nonetheless. Hopefully Mediatonic’s awkward jellybeans still have a chance to stumble their way towards victory. After all, the game’s fundamentals are good; it’s just a matter of bringing out the full potential of everything else.