Fallout 4 Officially Announced with Debut Trailer

War. War never changes.

As we found out yesterday, Bethesda was planning a little surprise for Fallout fans, and general speculation led the world to believe it would be the official announcement of Fallout 4. Now that the countdown has finally reached zero, all of our suspicions were confirmed, as Bethesda unveiled the first bits of information on the upcoming sequel.

A debut trailer officially showed off the first, presumably in-engine, footage of Fallout 4, with a comparison scene of a house before and after the nuclear blast highlighting the vast majority of the video. The trailer shows off some familiar faces including Deathclaws and Mister Handy robot as well as a new vault. At the end of the clip, a lone survivor is shown to be ready to fight off the post-apocalyptic world with his power suit, assault rifle and dog by his side.

Visit the Fallout 4 website to pre-order the game now for Xbox One, PS4 or PC. In less than two weeks, Bethesda will show off more of Fallout 4 at their E3 showcase. Unconfirmed rumors have it that there will be a twenty to thirty minute gameplay demo of Fallout 4 at the press conference, but this trailer will have to tide us all over until then.