Fallout 76 Receiving Steel Reign and The Pitt Updates

Fallout 76 has gone through some ups and downs but it’s been on a steady path as of late. Luckily, players can look forward to a couple of updates announced today during the Bethesda Games Showcase.

First up is the conclusion to the Brotherhood of Steel storyline in Steel Reign. Super mutants remain a constant threat but that’s not the only issue. Choose whether to side between Paladin Rahmani or Knight Shin to decide the fate of the Brotherhood. You will explore new locations and unlock items. From June 15  until July 6, you can earn rewards before Steel Reign is available on July 7.

The next update isn’t set to arrive until 2022 but it’s one longtime fans of the Fallout series will remember. Head back to Pittsburgh in Fallout 76: Expeditions – The Pitt. Details are scarce but based on the trailer the Pitt is still an irradiated mess looming with dangers and opportunity. It’s a nice touch to bring back this Fallout 3 location, it’ll be exciting to see what has changed.