Fantasy RPG ‘Dimension Summoner’ Closed Beta Test Launches in March

PopPace has announced that a closed beta test for AR-featured 3D Fantasy RPG Dimension Summoner will commence in March. The first CBT will take place March 3-4 and the second the following weekend from March 10-11. In Dimension Summoner, the land is shivering in the grasp of evil and great danger hides deep in the faked peace. Only one person will have the bravery to unveil the truth and exquisite skills to summon heroes across dimensions and become the beacon leading people to hope.

Features for Dimension Summoner include:

  • High resolution graphics that stuns you with remarkable ultimate skills
  • Innovative Switch Fighting mode that gives you with flexible tactics to apply
  • Amazing AR Summoning that brings heroes from different times to life
  • A floating guild that displays you a total different experience of guild system
  • Various dungeons and challenges that reward you with plenty of trophies
  • Interactive social system that allows you to send flowers and receive red packet bonus
  • LBS function that connects gameplay to the real world

Those interested in joining the closed beta test can do so here, learn more via the official Facebook and join the Discord here. To see the game in action, be sure to check out the trailer below: