Fear Effect Sedna Confirmed for March Release

Fear Effect Sedna, a sequel and follow-up to the 2000 debut for the original PlayStation created by Kronos Digital, has finally landed itself a release date. Created and co-written in partnership with one of the original writers of the first game — now under the development of studio Sushee and published by Square Enix Collective following a campaign on Kickstarter — Sedna will eventually make its way to PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC on March 6.

A proper sequel to the original — the series’ second entry, Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix, released one year later, was in fact a prequel — Sedna sees the game revert to a third-person isometric shooter as the series’ original characters and near-future aesthetic are rendered in a cel-shaded art-style. A remake of the original game, Fear Effect Reinvented, is also in development and is too being handled by Sushee. The remake of the 2000 original will also be making its way to the same platforms. Check out a mix of Fear Effect’s modern gameplay and cinematics to get a look and feel for this latest action-adventure hybrid.