Feast Your Eyes on Eight Minutes of Final Fantasy XV Gameplay

During a TGS stage event Square Enix showed off some gameplay of Final Fantasy XV and it looks like it’ll look good.

Unfortunately, the only video we could find was shot in 360 p, but even then you can tell Final Fantasy XV will be very impressive graphically. The gameplay starts out showing off a frog and Noctis “warping” from area to area.  The presentation also shows the game switching from night to day and when the camera stops you can begin to see just how impressive Final Fantasy XV will look. Even in the horrible resolution you can see smooth and extremely impressive character designs. It also helps that we’ve already seen the gameplay trailer released earlier.

The trailer finishes up with the gang fighting an incredibly large monster, common to FF games, in the beautifully rendered rain and Noctis setting it to fire like Roy Mustang.

Final Fantasy XV will be getting a demo sometime in 2015 on Xbox One and PS4 called Episode Duscae and it was announced you can get a voucher for it with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

[Update] Thanks to Niels van der Grift for sharing the enhanced version. You can see it here.

[Update 2] Here’s a 1080 p version of the video as well.