Final Fantasy Creator Returns with Diorama-Esque RPG Fantasian

Mistwalker’s Lost Odyssey was something of a more modern-feeling Final Fantasy in its day – and that makes sense with Hironobu Sakaguchi, FF’s creator, at the helm. Now, they’re back with a game that uses a real-world diorama format to interlay enemies into the environment. Battles result in defeated foes being sent to an alternate dimension. Then, you can take on all of the foes there in a single grand-scale battle. Boss battles over enter the fray with screen-filling foes out to inspire terror and joy when they’re conquered. Fantasian’s cast of characters looks diverse, and we’ll be able to see how good the game is when it hits Apple Arcade. A release date hasn’t been announced, but the game shows great promise and hopefully, it will get ported to non-Apple devices down the line.