Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker New Melee Job is Reaper

It was teased at the Announcement Showcase in February, but it has finally been revealed. The first new job was shown to be the healer Sage, but now we have a melee DPS: Reaper. Yoshi-P had been teasing this job for a few months by wearing a grim reaper shirt every appearance possible, but finally we have confirmation.

Yoshi-P took to the stage wielding a giant scythe dressed as the job, showcasing its Bloodborne-esque design. It’s still a surprise Square Enix decided to go with another melee DPS considering it is already the most plentiful role in the game right now, but regardless, just the look and style of it is quite appealing, and will no doubt appeal to many.

Those who purchase Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker this fall will gain access to the new jobs, along with the previous expansions.