Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report Vol. 7 Wrap-Up

From last night’s stream of the Active Time Report, Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata, released a ton of information for their upcoming game Final Fantasy XV. To start off they released their second and final progress report for the game. The progress report video displayed the latest progress in development for things such as interact-able objects, waves affecting the characters, hit collision, animations and various additions made to the visuals.

Another noteworthy subject was the division of magic. There are two classes of magic in this game: Elemental and Royal. Elemental magic consists of the trifecta of Final Fantasy basic black magic: Fire, Blizzard and Thunder. These three different spells have different effects based on the weather and your surroundings. If Fire is cast near a grassy area then the grass will catch fire. Blizzard will cause bodies of water to freeze temporarily and Thunder will do more damage when it’s raining. Elemental magic can also be gathered like items around the world and equipped like a weapon. Royal magic on the other hand wasn’t expanded upon. We know that it only becomes obtainable after a certain part in the story and can only be used by someone who bears the ring of Lucis which is passed down through the royal family.

Square Enix also revealed a lot of information about the antagonistic force in this game, the Niflheim Empire. The empire has conquered a great deal of the world at the beginning of the tale. The Kingdom of Lucis is one of the few places with its independence intact and is the last force rebelling against Niflheim. Niflheim relies on magic for their forces while Niflheim uses technology. They also detailed several important members of the Niflheim empire.

Perhaps the most exciting reveal of this Active Time Report was the gameplay footage of the Niflheim Battle Base. Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolius and Ignus infiltrate the empire’s base and sneak around in order to take out an infrastructure in the base. The camera in this game has been refined with automation so players won’t have to constantly adjust it. The UI has been upgraded with a four weapon selection that’s been incorporated to the directional buttons allowing quick switches during combat. A fourth combo type has been unveiled in this footage with the player having the ability to switch to an ally mid combo and back to Noctics at their discretion.

Lastly, Square Enix revealed that they will be announcing the release date and price of the game during their next event called “Uncovered: Final Fantasy” on March 30. It will begin at 7:00 PM PT and will take place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. You can view the Active Time Report in its entirety below: