Finally, Doomfist is Now Officially Confirmed For Overwatch

Well, after months and months of teasing, including some slight foreshadowing from yesterday, the legendary Nigerian villain Doomfist will now finally be making their way to Overwatch as the game’s twenty-fifth playable character (not voiced by Terry Crews though, sadly). And as his origin story below shows (with animation courtesy of Wolf Smoke this time), he has finally busted out of prison, ready to join Talon and create more conflict in order to make humanity stronger, according to his beliefs. And as the battle with Winston, Tracer, and Genji shows, he is indeed a threatening brawler that more than lives up to his reputation.

Aside from the origin story, more of Doomfist’s background is also explained in the Developer Update, also seen below, along with an explanation of his abilities. Shockingly, a lot of moves for the character with a giant metal glove named Doomfist in the Offense category revolve around punches. We have Rocket Punch, with can break through shields and cause more damage by knocking enemies back into walls, Rising Uppercut, which is exactly what the name suggests, launching Doomfist and any enemies he connects into the air, and Seismic Slam, which combos with Rising Uppercut and allows for a target to appear on the ground whenever he gains altitude, stunning enemies and bringing them closer. Oh, and he also has shotguns built into his knuckles as a primary attack, because of course.

And his Ultimate? Meteor Strike. Doomfist launches himself into the air, targets an area on the map, and slams into it, damaging everything within a certain radius. So it definitely feels as if Doomfist is meant to be played partially like a fighting game character, getting up close and personal and chaining together combos, and so he also gets a passive ability called The Best Defense to go with that, giving him a temporary shield when he hits someone. It sounds like Doomfist makes for a fun character to play as, but is he well-balanced, or overpowered? Well, Doomfist is now available for testing on Overwatch’s PTR and coming soon to the main game, so we’ll wait and see what this behemoth brings.