Finding a Way in the World with Sable’s New Trailer

The thing about the world is that there’s a lot of it, and this is as true for an alien civilization as it is for Earth.  Sable is a young woman on a rite of passage, the Gliding, which is basically a trip that goes wherever she feels is necessary, exploring and coming to a better understanding of the world she was born into.  Ancient ruins and fallen spaceships dot the desert landscape, and it’s your choice as to whether Sable stops and explores or passes on by.  Really, though, what’s the point of adventuring out into the world if you’re just going to ignore the hulking debris of a starship, especially when there might be parts to improve the hoverbike inside, or the ruins holding clues as to the origin of one’s people?  There’s no rush here, after all, no ticking clock pushing Sable forward, so she might as well explore every square inch of the land she calls home while learning its history and helping the people she meets along the way.  Plus the fine-line styling makes every scene feel like playing a page of a European comic heavily influenced by Moebius.

While Sable’s release date was revealed just the other day today saw the release of a new trailer highlighting the world and many of its strange and beautiful locations, plus a small piece of music from the band providing the soundtrack, Japanese Breakfast.  Give it a watch below in preparation of getting lost in the sights and experiences of Sable’s desert world when it launches September 23.

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