First Gameplay Revealed For Sci-Fi Kitty Game Stray

First announced during the PS5’s initial reveal last year, BlueTwelve Studio’s Stray immediately had our attention and our adoration, what with it being a game about a sweet lone kittycat making their way through the semi-cyberpunk streets of an abandoned city now populated by robots. Heck, it was enough to earn Stray a spot as one of our most anticipated games of this year. We haven’t exactly seen much of the gameplay, though, but that all changed with today’s Annapurna Interactive Showcase, which gave us a good look at our feline friend’s adventure, as seen below.

The four-minute trailer initially began showing off our newly-stranded stray and some of the environmental puzzles they may have to encounter, and then things change when meeting a little drone called B12. This drone buddy lets our cat communicate with the city’s mechanical inhabitants and further interact with the environment, not to mention being able to gain upgrades that allow our feline protagonist to defend themselves from bizarre creatures that lurk deeper within the city. Along the way, you’ll be able to do everything from major stuff like learning more about the city and what happened to its inhabitants, or minor but cute things like letting our cat be themselves and scratch furniture.

But while Stray certainly looks gorgeous and is shaping up to have a wide variety of impressive gameplay and an intriguing story in a unique world, let’s focus on the most important thing here: The kitty can operate a vending machine. Pure. Freaking. Majesty. Stray is now due out in Early 2022 for PC, PS5, and PS4, though, not 2021 as initially planned, but it looks like it’ll be worth it, as it will likely be a potential GOTY contender then. After all, will the next God of War game have a kitty that can operate a vending machine? No, so case closed.

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