First Gameplay Trailer Revealed for 2D Combat Racer Speed Brawl

Kongregate and Montreal-based developers Double Stallion Games have been teasing their upcoming 2D combat racer Speed Brawl for a while now, and have finally decided that today is the day to drop the first gameplay trailer for it, which you can naturally check out below. Combining platformers, brawlers, and management aspects along with a unique visual style, it certainly looks to make quite an impact.

Set in a dystopian Victorian London after a vicious war with alien creatures known as the Selenites that are know used as a workforce, the titular sporting competition has been created in order to appease the masses and quell any outbursts between classes. Taking control of one of six combatants across fifty-plus championships and challenges, players will make use of a deep combat system in order to bash their way through as quickly and efficiently as possible while making use of different play styles, skill upgrades, and equipment. Speed Brawl is due out this September on all major platforms, and it certainly looks like one not to be missed, so stay tuned for for info on the game as it comes.